I spent the first part of summer vacation this past week at the well-known Utah getaway, Bear Lake. 
It was my first time going, and my first thoughts of how things would turn out were far different than what they actually became...
First off, I imagined the cabins we stay in would be old... Now not only was I correct on that part, they were also filled with grime and the crusts of nature. Safe to say. they were a little beat, but hey, I've had worse. Actually I enjoyed the cabins, for the most part, With pianos, pool tables, and plenty of food, I was set.
Second, the lake itself I thought would be portrayed as any lake seen in the movies- dirty, murky, crusty, and nasty. A lake filled with toxins and what not, to be more precise. But no! Bear Lake is actually quite beautiful. And I found out later that they call it the Caribbean of Utah, and that is quite true. The water is warm (in small patches) and cold though. But I really enjoyed the beach and took some lovely photos there:)
And then finally, I thought that by the second day I would my sanity would have left me because of the people I went with. Nine of my closest friends; some who I am really connected with, and others who I even drew closer with. Personally I think I handled things far better than imagined, and if not, oh well. I still had a great time, i had fun! There were lots of laughs, and the experience was unforgettable. 
Things that made this week so memorable would include the beautiful sunrises, the several inspiring photo shoots, the thrilling unexpected combustion of out boats engine, the raspberry shakes with a vintage Nike cap to go with it, and most of all 
All in all, I would say this trip was a success. A real joy! It only bittersweet to know that it is over, but I know that there is still the rest of summer to be spent. And that itself is a reason to love summer. 


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