Today was a pretty good day. I am now officially an Elder. And it's kinda cool. Of course this means so much more responsibility, but hey I'm up for it. And that was the truth. I didn't just think I could handle it, I no longer felt like there were any real problems in my life right now. Everything was alright, nothing could stop me, and all because I was able to let out and be free yesteryear. . .

Anyway, we spent most of Sunday, today, packing and preparing for our trip. We we leave tomorrow morning. I should be finishing up packing now, but oh well. Yolo. We actually just got back from my Grandma's house celebrating my Mom's birthday, which is actually this Tuesday for anyone wondering. It was nice, getting able to spend some time with my grandparents and hearing stories of my grandma's grandma. Not a lot can touch my heart, but what she told us tonight kinda hit me. And again, it's all kinda cool. And not only did she touch my heart, but my stomach was filled with good food and delicious bunt cake! My grandparents are so loving, so giving, and so inspiring. You gotta love them:)

But my grandparents are also getting oh so old, and every one in my family thinks they wont be around much longer. It's sad:( And it will be really hard for all of us. So now, I do feel like I should spend extra time with them. Get to know as much as I possibly can, before they are really gone. 

There home is filled with so many lovely/beautiful/classy things. These pics are only half of the treasures that will remain in my childhood memories and in the memories to come. Good times, good years, and good people. 
Happy Almost Birthday Mom!

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