Wow, I cannot believe July is over. As long as it seemed, it just flew by. This month was busy, at least for every else, but me (kinda)... There were several different mission farewells, homecomings, weddings, and people goin on vacation, college and other adventures.

At the beginning of this month I had pneumonia, and that was not too fun. I didn't even know I had it until I visited the doctors about two weeks of already having it. Once I found out I had it, I was distraught because I hate being sick and having this condition meant I couldn't go out and be with people. I was coughing non stop, couldn't sleep, ended up losing my voice. And all this affected me not only physically, but emotionally. I wasn't happy and it didn't seem like any one else cared. But thank goodness for the power of prayer. And after some rest, using an inhaler, and taking some prescribed drugs, I was able to recover faster than expected. And honestly, I never knew how blessed I am for the good health I do have.

After I was no longer "contagious", the month was well. I've been working my tail off, makin some real bank, and have had some actual good experiences at my job. I do like my job. The environment is nice once you get use to the heat.

My parents during this whole time though had been preparing for our stake's pioneer trek to Martin's Cove. I honestly was worried and freaking out that they wouldn't make it cause of their health, and that they would get heat exhaustion or break something or get some injury. And while they were gone for three days, I just worked. When they returned I was so thrilled and so proud of both my parents and sister. They survived and rather well as I am told by others, and upon their arrival I could see their physical and spiritual growth.

It's awesome, and I'm actually really happy with how my relationship with my family is right now. When younger, I know I was always a brat and always so stubborn. Yet now, it just feels good with them and I can feel our relationships growing stronger.

But now, lately I don't feel like the relationship with my friends, my best friends, are even good. And that's making me sad. It's true, once high school is over you find out just who your real friends are. And right now I don't really know who exactly those real friends are. I don't know how my friends perceive me now, with things that have happened in the past, and I'm still trying to make things right. I just don't know. And that makes it all the worse.

July has been a struggle for sure, but it's the struggle that builds us and makes us stronger. I am happy I can vent some on here. I am blessed and I don't wanna end sour or depressing, so I'll leave with how excited I am for the next week to come! My family is going on a vacation to Europe, specifically Paris and London! This means awesome picture time, family time, and getaway time:)

More coming soon!


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