After 4 months I made it. My labor is done. Honestly I thought I would have been done with my job by the end of June, then hoping that I'd be gone on my mission. But God works in mysterious ways that's for sure.

Let me rewind and start back here...

At the end of high school I was employed at Seven Peaks Waterpark, as a security guard. It was one of the first and only places I applied for a job; they got back to me fast, interviewed me, I found out the pay was good, the boss was nice, so I took the job. Yeah, I had never been in any security type position before, and this was my first real job {besides the two weeks I spent at American Whorehouse Eagle} where I would interact with customers by checking bags, scanning tickets at the front gate, and stopping anyone from causing harm in and around the park.

I was excited at the start and I was also really really awkward! I had never really talked with people and interacted in a business way. So of course at first, all I did was word vomit on everyone. It was like I was dyslexic.

But I got the hang of talking, and to my surprise I got it really quick!

At the start if the season Ill admit I was a little shy and intimidated by people. By the end though I was outgoing, friendly and up to handle anyone.

Yeah there were dozens of days where the temp was in the triple digits, and yeah I got really sick in the middle of the season, but I grew and I gained a whole lot from my experiences at my job.

I interacted with thousands of people daily, and after working with so many people a routine builds, and soon I began to see people for who they were. I could tell who was happy to be there, who wasnt. I could see stories behind eyes and tell what some people were going through. And now after a whole season a lot of them knew me.

Today, there were so many customers who personally said thank you to me. People who came in almost daily, and people who came to build relationships with me. And getting that was totally worth it. Made me realize that we all are part of something greater.

My coworkers at first seemed odd, strangers really. And it's funny of the original like 10 who were hired at the start of the season, only 4 of us stayed the whole time. New employees were hired and new bonds were being made. My coworkers now, turn out to be some if the most coolest and interesting people I've met so far. I learned a lot from working with them, and I learned a lot from working with other departments as well.

My job this summer was really a blessing. In the end, I was meant to work here for the length of time that I did to learn something. Things that will definitely help me as I am out in the field.

Now that's it's over it is oh so bittersweet. Of course it is nice that it's over, but I may come back to work there in two years. I guess I'll have to see where the road takes me hereafter. Wherever it takes me, I will be glad to say that I was that Security guard.


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