It was a heck of a week last week! I was busy almost 24/7 Sat and Sun, but hey, I guess it's only preparing me for what real busy will be like in a couple days. Yesterday was the farewell shin dig, and it went by really nice. I am so thankful for all those who support me, it means the world. 
With so much goin' on, I was so happy to hike like Lewis and Clark again this morning with DW. We're up at Brighton, at Silver Lake and Lake Solitude. The fall colors are incredible, and I will definitely miss the beauty of Utah. I'm gonna miss this guy, but I know he'll do great in Ukraine.
I can't believe everything is happening, it seems like a dream, but one that's oh so good. Everything seems bittersweet, the goodbyes, and the farewells, but at the same time I feel and know that I am on the right path for me. And I've never really felt such perfect timing. My hours are almost limited, but I know that the life soon to come will be limitless. :) 
p.s. Dave had fun with the cam {over 300 photos taken from him}

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