At the time, I was only in the first grade. I didn't really know what was going on, only that a plane had crashed into these towers in New York. I didn't know what this meant, but I could see that from the looks on all the adults that it wasn't good.

My aunt was living with us back then, and she was about nine months pregnant with her first. She's always been a firm believer in America, the church, and Josh Groban. Needless to say, when all this happened, at first it seemed like there her faith and that of America's was gone.

When the first plane hit the towers, she was freaking out, I had never seen her look so scared. My parents trying to keep her calm, along with themselves.

Teachers were worried and as much as they didn't want to, had to avoid the situation when asked and talked over in class.

So much was happening, all the news reports were only talking about the towers. Talks of it being an accident, then terrorists, these bad men who wanted to kill people.

I will never forget 9/11. As I watched the television, I saw the planes fly straight into the towers. People on the street running and screaming, the ash of black smoke filling the sky. And then there were those who were stuck at the top of the towers; people who couldn't escape, and who then only jumped.

I remember watching that first drop. The tower crumbled down into itself killing those around it, those inside. And then it happened again causing the sky to fill with grey ash and dust.

It seemed like these terrorists had done their job in causing terror. But they hadnt.

News reports then showed those firefighters, policemen, all working and saving as many lives as they could. They were true heroes saving those who were under the ruble afterwards.

Back at home, physically we could do nothing to help, so my parents said one thing to me that I won't forget. Pray.

And so I did. I did with them, I did quietly in my own room. I prayed to God to help those firemen and policemen. I prayed for people's safety, and I prayed for ours. And I could feel the rest of America began to pray too.

9/11 was a tragedy, but it was also a time of blessings. After everything that happened, Faith was not gone, America was not over. No, for in the worst of times we came together. We came and were stronger. And from that I have always loved our country. How blessed and free we truly are and how glorious our God really is.

I was only in the first grade, where were you?


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