With 14 days left of the school year, things are getting rather stressful. The end of senior year is not at all what I thought it would be, from college finals and projects to preparing for a mission, trying to finish everything from a Senior Bucket List, the pressure is rising.
Senioritis kills major though, and even now I should be working on an English project, but I choose to create a new social site. I've had a blog before, can't say I stuck to it, I'm nothing of a good writer, but with the end of high school coming up, it just seemed like it was time to start a new beginning.
After everything that had gone on this year, it was time for change, and I am ready for it. Barely managing to hang in school, luckily I have a few of the most incredible friends to help me get along. It's them who I've made this blog for, because no matter where we end up on this earth, I know that we can stay connected. A new age was coming, and I feel it in my bones, th

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