You know what sucks? Writing half a blog post and then having your phone glitch and erase it! You know what sucks more? Having that happen twice -_-
Oh well, to put in a nut shell, yesterday was David Witt's farewell, the kid will do good in Ukraine. I miss Elder Dimond, wrote to him yesterday, his last letter was very comforting, and he's doing awesome work in Cali. This is my last week before the MTC, and oddly there's a lot to do. But it should keep me busy and on the right track.
If this was Burger King, and If I could have it my way I'd wish to go to Moab right now, but you can't always have what you want and you don't always expect what you will have. Another thing is that forever it's easy to say, it's doing it that's  the hard part.
This week though, my goal is just to liv it, do my best,  put forth the effort and I know that God will help me along the way. Maybe a couple more hikes and photo adventures, even if it's not Moab, and a couple more trips to the temp.
All in all I wish you good morning, good Monday, and hope that you yourself have a Nice week. Liv it!

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